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Booking a wedding caterer

If you've found us here as part of your wedding planning

adventure, congratulations on your engagement!

We love a wedding at Q&W HQ. But we also know what a daunting and possibly overwhelming process planning one can be. That's why we're happy to be on hand at every stage so your food is exactly what you want and we integrate seamlessly into your day.

We're often asked what the process is for booking an outside caterer for a wedding so here's a guide to every stage:

1 - It's never too early to make contact with a caterer.

We often talk to couples before they have a venue or a date in mind. We work with lots of the best venues in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and The Cotswolds and often recommend places and spaces. We know the cool and quirky spots that you might not find in directories so if you love the look of our food we'll tell you the wedding venues that suit it.

2 - Ask us for a quote. The info we need to work out costings is here in our wedding pack

Don't worry if you don't know it all yet. A best guess is fine and we have the experience to know how your day might run. We know that catering is a major part of any event budget and we want to help you make the most of it. We are flexible, approachable and always happy to look at where you could make savings.

3 - Come and see us for a tasting.

This is the fun bit! Come to us (or we can come to you) and try out the dishes that grab you from our menus or ask us to create something bespoke to your taste or theme. It's a great opportunity not only to focus on what you'd like to serve but also to talk though the quote and also your plans for the day. We'll chat about service, presentation and timings, whether you'd like us to serve drinks, if you need us to recommend alternative crockery or decor suppliers - that kind of thing. Up to three people can attend so bring a bridesmaid, your foodie dad or whoever you like! We do charge a £100 fee for a tasting but this is refunded against your balance invoice if you book with us.

4 - Quote revisions and menu confirmations.

The tasting will have clarified lots of details so we'll send through a revised costing and the menu that was agreed.

5 - Save the date!

When you're sure you want to go ahead we'll send through our contract. Upon signing we ask for a Save The Date fee of £500 as a first installment towards your payment. This secures your date with us.

6 - The run up...

As your plans evolve you're bound to have questions. We're available to advise, fix snags and generally be on hand to help. If you've found out that a guest has special dietary requirements drop us a line and we'll suggest how we can work that into your menu or suggest alternatives. Do put us in touch with your other suppliers - a wedding is a team effort and we like to know with the folks we'll be working with.

7 - Planning meeting.

Around thee months in advance we'll get together - in person, Skype or on the phone. We'll tie up outstanding queries and check that all the practicalities are in place. Often this is the time that questions come up such as... "Can we use your fridge van to chill our Champagne?" (yes!) or "Can you feed the photographer and the band?" (yes!) so this is the opportunity to talk through the schedule and make sure everything's been considered.

8 - The final details.

A month and a half in advance we'll ask for your final numbers, timings and confirmation of allergies or dietary restrictions. Your balance invoice (the full amount minus the tasting and save the date fees) will then be raised and is payable four weeks in advance. We'll send you our itinerary which includes our timings, delivery details for hired items and contact details of our staff on site.

If you'd like to find out more about planning your wedding catering with Queen & Whippet, drop us a line at jo@queenandwhippet.com and let's get started!

photo credit: Ben Rosett Photography