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Can I have a Totally Vegan Wedding?

Short answer, yes of course you can have a totally vegan wedding. One, it’s your wedding and you can do what you want. Two, we’re here to cater for your wedding exactly how you want it!

Veganism is far more popular than it ever has been before, and we welcome the change in people’s attitude to mass meat production and the effect it has on our planet. We like to provide a broad range of options for the many dietary requirements that are requested, so there are already loads of vegan options on our example menus.

However, what if you want to go for it and go totally vegan for your wedding? Well, we’re actually already preparing our first fully vegan wedding menu for a couple- and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s a great challenge and one which Pete, the man behind the menus, is more than up for. So we’d welcome the challenge of some more!

We also believe that vegan absolutely does not have to mean boring, and we’re sure that we can even win over the die hard meat eaters with options such as…

West Country Tapas

  • Celeriac bravas
  • Truffled parsnip rosti Chilli-roasted purple sprouting broccoli
  • Broad beans and butter beans in lovage vinaigrette

Gourmet Barbecue

  • Charred fennel with lemon gremolata
  • Quinoa, corn and black bean burgers
  • Selection of seasonal herb-marinaded grilled vegetables
  • Olive polenta and mushroom stacks

Plated Starter

  • Kale and avocado gazpacho with coriander-infused oil

Plated Mains

  • Fennel and shallot tart tatin with marinaded broad beans and pearled spelt tabbouleh
  • Sumac-roast cauliflower steaks with candied lemon and aioli new potato salad

Plated Deserts

  • Matcha coconut mousse with aromatic cardamom poached pears

Street Food

  • Black lentil, spinach and chimichurri empanada
  • Sweet and sour roast cauliflower with toasted fennel seeds
  • Rainbow vegetable Vietnamese summer rolls
  • Sesame and maple pulled jackfruit burrito
  • Colcannon cakes Beetroot and coconut falafel with lemon tahini dressing

These are just a few examples from our current wedding pack, if you’re interested in a vegan only wedding then why don’t you email jo@queenandwhippet.com and we can arrange a tasting session to plan your full menu.