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What to expect at your tasting

We love a tasting at Queen & Whippet HQ. It's a great opportunity to get to know our potential clients and to gain a really good insight into their wedding plans. It also allows couples to work out if we're the right fit for their day.

You don't have to have confirmed and paid a deposit to have a tasting with us. We do charge a fee of £100 towards produce and chef time but this will be refunded against your balance invoice should you go ahead and book with us.

A few pointers in advance:

  • Consider bringing a third person along - your mum or best man maybe? They can help in a tie-break situation if you can't decide between two dishes. The £100 fee covers up to three people.

  • Our menus are quite extensive, so let us know in advance if there's anything you definitely wouldn't choose.

  • If you know that you'll have guests with particular dietary restrictions please advise us. We can create a sample of a dish to meet their requirements so you'll have tasted what they'll get too.

  • Bring along your wedding itinerary and timings, even if they're still approximate. This will help us accurately cost your staffing and talk through how our schedule would fit with yours.

  • Very importantly - come along hungry!